Cabo Pictures

A few selected pictures from my week in Cabo with Loni and Sam.


Cabo, The Journey Home

Not much to report about the journey home except that it was unusually pleasant. On the first leg I got to sit next to a very cute and very happy little girl and her very attractive mom. That doesn’t happen often enough.

Spent the layover in a wine bar in SFO with Loni (Sam stayed in San Francisco). I don’t remember the name of it, but I can find it again. It’s worth revisiting. Loni was happy and talkative. I think she’d had a good vacation and is pretty excited about moving to the Bay Area. I guess you can see the general area of where they’ll live from the airport and Sam pointed it out to her before he left.

For the final leg to Portland we were upgraded to first class. I don’t think that’s happened to Loni before, so it was pretty fun. Domestic first class on a short leg isn’t all that exciting, but it beats cattle car any day.

Dan and Melody met us at the airport in Portland. Being met at the airport is one of the more pleasant things in life. Even though I wasn’t traveling alone this time so it wasn’t really the same, arriving at an airport on your own is mildly depressing. I’ve done it dozens of times. Thank you very much, Dan and Melody. Your meeting us capped a good vacation.


Cabo Vacation, Finis

Dawn from Cabo san Lucas

Cabo is beautiful, intense, fun, expensive. I had a great time here, but now feel like I need a vacation from my vacation.

Good Things

  • Scenery
  • Sun
  • Water
  • Walking around town
  • Evening cruises
  • Good food
  • Free Internet at Baja Cantina
  • Good beer at Baja Brewing
  • Tequila
  • Golf
  • Fishing trips
  • Beaches
  • Being here with those I love

Could have been better

  • Hotel restaurant meal service
  • Weather on the day we went fishing

I guess I don’t have much to complain about.

Here’s to vacations…



Cabo Log – Fishing

It was a dark and stormy morning… actually it kind of was. Somehow we’d picked the worst weather of our week here to go fishing. We arrived at the docks just in time for a light rain to begin and the wind to pick up. Here’s our boat…


…no wait, here’s our boat…


They wouldn’t let us out of the harbor until about 7:30, but eventually we got underway. Here’s a video clip of the trip out. Note the waves and the splashes around the boats. We were on a 31 foot boat.

The ride out video.

Shortly after we got out to sea we briefly hooked large marlin. It jumped out of the water three or four times before the line broke. It was amazing. These fish are big and they’re fast. It’s a bad shot but this is what we saw.


We cruised around for a couple more hours, catching sight of a few more fish, before seasickness caught up with us. We then exercised the better part of valor and called it a day. We hadn’t caught anything, but it was still an interesting experience. Next time we’ll try checking the weather forecast before booking.



Cabo Log, Saturday – Golf


Saturday morning Loni slept in until sometime after noon while Sam watched TV and I fiddled with WordPress. That was ok, the big event of the day wasn’t until 2pm. When Loni got up and prepped for the day, we grabbed a couple of sandwiches and head to the Cabo san Lucas Country Club .

We had booked “Twilight Golf”, which apparently means starting anytime after 11am. We were starting very late and it was fine. We let one group of Australian guys play through on the second hole. After that we had the entire course to ourselves. This turned out to be a good thing. When it comes to golf; Sam has a lot of potential, this was Loni’s first time ever, and my game is completely hopeless. We needed a lot of time. I think the first hole took half an hour though we did pick up the pace a bit as the day progressed.

All that being said, it was really fun. The rules of the game barely played a role. If we didn’t like where the ball was, we’d just move it. We each developed our own specialties. For Loni it was the bushes and trees, for Sam it was the water, for me it was sand traps. We got to drive around in golf carts (a first for me) and the lady driving the beer cart checked up on us three or four times. We were grateful. By the 14th hole it was getting dark and Loni was getting hungry so we called it a day.

We finished up with dinner at Cabo Wabo (awesome stuffed mushrooms there, I highly recommend them), a run to the grocery store, and a really terrible vampire movie. It was a good day.



Cabo Log, Friday – Happy Birthday!!!

Friday was Loni’s birthday! Yay!!!

Friday started pretty slow. Loni and Sam got up late in the morning and watched a movie while I made omelets for breakfast. The omelets looked good but were not a big hit. I think I needed some more interesting ingredients. I used avocado and manchego cheese. Oh well.

After breakfast we signed up for a few activities; golf on Saturday, fishing on Monday and the highlight of Loni’s big day a sunset Surfrider cruise that evening. We then hiked into town and went shopping. Sam was looking for a hat and flip flops and comparing tequila prices (you should definitely shop around). Loni find a nice dress that she changed into for the cruise later. Since money was no object on my daughter’s birthday, I bought her the hat you see above. We ate a late lunch at the Baja Cantina. This is the place I couldn’t remember the name of yesterday. The appetizer was an excellent catch-of-the-day ceviche followed, for me, by carne asada. It was delicious!

After lunch we went over to the dock (Main dock, gate 4) to board our cruise. We were there a bit early so they told us to go sit in the shade somewhere. Senior Frogs was handy we we got a few beers and watched the people wander by. The weather was really hot. When the line finally did form they were only letting a few people through at a time. First they had to take your picture, so they could sell it to you later, then let you on the boat, then check your ticket, then hand you a beer or margarita, then you had to find a place to sit. It was grueling, but the cruise was awesome! I’ll shut up for a bit and just share some pictures…


The marina and one of the glass bottom water taxis.


Loni, Sam and the view.


Lover’s Beach.


The famous arch.

While we were hanging out here, Sam saw a manta ray jump out of the water about six feet. We were told that it’s mating season and they attract mates by the slap they make when they land back on the water.

I just like this picture.

This is from the Pacific side. I think they call this Divorce Beach.

My camera battery went dead at this point and I didn’t have a spare with me. A little further up the coast we saw a little fish leaping out of the water followed by a big fish that was trying to catch it. Sam and Loni also saw a few more manta rays in the distance. The ocean around here is a very busy place.

The rest of the cruise was the show. All the birthday people, including Loni, and newlyweds were appropriately honored.

After the cruise we made are way to Baja Brewing to check out the view, listen to the music and finish off the day.

I’m really proud of my daughter. She’s a beautiful, intelligent and very fun young woman who’s accomplishing a lot with her life. Happy birthday, Loni. I love you very much.

Loni in her new dress. Sam in his new hat.


Cabo Log, Thursday


While Pacificos are a reasonable way to stay hydrated while in Mexico, yesterday we struck pay dirt.

Thursday was the “get familiar with your surroundings” day. We got a cab to downtown, ate lunch at Cabo Wabo (the lobster tacos were very good) and wandered around the marina. Cabo, at least this time of year, in contrast to Puerto Vallarta is pretty laid back. In Puerto Vallarta it seems like you can’t walk past another human being without them trying to sell you something. Here, not so much. Well not so much until you walk around the marina. Everyone has a water taxi and they all want to take you out to see the arch. This included one guy who we weren’t quite sure could stay standing long enough to get us to his boat. We graciously declined. Lots of nice boats though and the fish you can see from the water’s edge are amazing!


We caught a cab back to the hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around the pool with a bucket of Pacificos. When they started setting up for their 70’s and 80’s music show it seemed like a good time to go take a nap. Vacations are great!

We ate dinner at the Italian restaurant in the hotel. The food, particularly the pizza, was ok, but the view was awesome! It doesn’t get much more idyllic than this.


Of course, I was with two of my favorite people. So that made it even better.


After dinner we walked up the beach toward town. Warm air, the sound of the surf, the stars overhead, the sand on our feet. I recommend it.

As we got close to town we started looking for a place to sit awhile. We passed by a couple places (The Mango Deck and The Office) that were a bit too loud and obnoxious, at least for this evening, and found a quieter place with great service. I forget the name, but I’ll add it here later. It was a nice spot and Loni and Sam proclaimed it the best place yet.

While we were sitting there we kept hearing some live music from somewhere nearby and it was pretty good. I thought I could see a club next door called “Spiritual”. So after finishing up, we decided to go check it out. The place I was seeing was called “Sparitual”, clever name but it wasn’t a club. It was a closed spa and it wasn’t where the music was coming from. If only I could see.

We could still hear the music, so we continued wandering through a hotel complex and eventually figured out that the music was coming from the top of one of the buildings. At about the same time we passed a sign that said “Elevator to Baja Brewing”. That caught my attention, so we checked it out. Awesome spot! Beautiful view of the city and the bay. Real beer! Really good beer! I had a red and an oatmeal stout. At last, we’d found a break from Pacificos!

Cabo has passed the test. Yes, it is a good place. I highly recommend it.


Cabo – Timeshares

I have a Mexican timeshare. One of the dues you pay for using one is the “member update”. Theoretically, they spend 60 minutes with you making sure that you’re happy with the program and telling you about all the great new things they’ve done since the last update. What it really is is a few minutes of listening to what you have to say while they struggle to pay attention followed by a quick tour of a few rooms that no one ever really stays in (they are nice rooms). The remainder of the time is spent trying to get you to spend a small fortune upgrading your contract. You don’t really have to do the “member update”, but if you don’t you won’t get the discount or the free drinks. In general, you just barely break even for your trouble.

This year I was updated by Steve. Nice guy, I liked him. We went through the motions even though I made it pretty clear I wasn’t interested in spending gobs of money on an upgrade that in my case essentially gives me what I already have. He decided that since I’m single and over 50 that he’d toss in a few facts about Mexico that I might be interested in. For a paraphrased example, “Did you know that in Mexico the socially acceptable age spread for a couple is as much as 25 years? In Thailand, it’s 30. In fact in Thailand, the women don’t like to have only one wife in the house because they have to do all the work; they prefer two or three.” Somehow we’d wandered off the topic of Mexico. Jokingly, I asked him if they had any packages like that. He said, “No, but I should consider the exchange program.” Steve’s good at this job.

I guess I won’t be enhancing any of my future Mexican vacations right away, but Thailand, … hmmm… 😉