Memories of England

My time in England has been great and I’ll be taking back a lot of memories. With all those memories a few in particular stand out. These are the memories that standout and “paid for the trip”…

  • Conversation with Emma and Ian over Stilton and port.
  • Photographing an enthusiastic model at Fashion Week night at the Ashmolean. Sadly I didn’t get her name.
  • The walk around Christ Church Meadows.
  • The night at the Kazbar when the girl across the bar from me decided it was time to dance. Fabio, I think you have a video. Can I get a copy?
  • Broadway Tower walk in the Cotswolds
  • All of the interesting people I had a chance to meet and spend a little time with.

This is a wonderful place to spend a month.


Passing Through the Bay Area

I’m spending today with my daughter, Loni and her friend Amy at Loni and Sam’s new home in San Mateo, CA. It’s a big move for them and there are boxes all over their new house. I suspect a portion of the day will be devoted to unpacking.

It’ll be fun to have family in the Bay Area. I’m guessing that this will change the shape of the visits that I make down here periodically. I’m really excited for them. If you’ve got to live in a city this isn’t a bad choice.

Life continues to be an adventure.


Osso “Buko”

It turned out OK. It was better after I added some of the sauce that I’d cooked it in.

From The 4 Hour Chef, more or less.
From The 4 Hour Chef, more or less.


I think I’m secure here. To get to my room from the street you first have to pass through a gate with a combination lock, then pass a guard shack (the lodge) with a guard inside, then use an electronic key fob to get into my building, then use a key to get into my flat, then use the key again to get into my room. I have no idea how many security cameras I passed in that process.

I don’t know if it’s safe (it seems to be quite safe), but it’s certainly secured.


What is this?

I’ve seen these in front of several buildings, but I have no idea what they are or what they’re used for. Can anyone help?