SP14D – Day 1

I’ve dubbed the next few weeks my Spring 2014 Disruption (SP14D). Originally I imagined it to be a vacation but it’s more like an interlude in an ongoing stream of chaos. I’m looking forward to it.

Today was prep day #1. My goal is to load my camera and my mountain bike, drive to Moab, UT and then see what happens. It took a bit to get the basics going. As I often do when I’m packing I start with the big things and work down. The big things for me in this case are a place to sleep and my bike. I got that figured out with some help from Sam. See the picture below…

Travel prep.

Travel prep.

The mountain bike takes amazingly little room. It lies fairly flat against the right inside wall and just fits. Sam suggested the ratcheting tie-down between the ceiling hook and a floor hook to keep it in place. It works very well. The bed is a crib mattress. It was the only thing short enough to fit in the back. It’s six inches think, a tad on the firm side, but quite comfortable. I can almost stretch out on it.

I’m a little worried about my mountain bike. The rear brake is dragging pretty badly. It seems to loosen up when I ride it a bit though. Maybe it’ll adjust. If not I may need to find a bike shop along the way.

Tomorrow I finish packing and head to my mom’s house.

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