Don’t Argue with Physics

Some things just happen. They’re no one’s fault. There are no specific actions that could have been taken to avoid them. Sometimes life just sucks. When I see this I remind myself to not “argue with physics”. Physics isn’t good or bad, it just is. This reminder can help to bring my attention back to things I can influence.

Note that I’m not timid about what I believe I can influence. These things require the focused application of time, energy and insight. If you learn about what people have accomplished and are accomplishing then you know that we have an enormous amount of influence. We should not be timid, but we should insightfully and efficiently choose where we’re going to spend our time and energy. This is wisdom and it’s worth a lifetime of study and practice.



Two extremely conflicting points-of-view are usually both wrong. Try to find the third way. The third way is rarely compromise. It more often involves repeatedly asking “Why?” until you understand what’s really trying to be accomplished. Only then bring to bear ideas, tools and approaches that address the revealed underlying challenge. Make sure you dig deep enough. Test those observations and ideas with others with differing points-of-view. None of us stands in the same place and we all see things differently. Only by sharing what we see can we better understand the larger picture. These solutions are often not simple or quick, sometimes not even very satisfying in the near term, but they do enable real progress.

The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.

Attributed to Albert Einstein