Technical Log – Blogging and Affiliates

I have a lot of motivations for wanting to create a blog. One of them is to explore the technology. This includes tying into affiliate programs, such as Amazon’s, to see how they work. If I talk about a particular product and it’s available from Amazon or some other source, I’ll include a link. If my amazingly persuasive powers convince you to buy the product then I may make a few cents. That’s not the point for this blog. I’m just trying to see how things work.


My Blog

I’m entering into the world of blogging and this is my first (well, sort of first) post.  I’m two days into my 2013 sabbatical and this is one of the things that I wanted to do during this time.

I fully expect that not everyone will care about the things that I post here.  That’s for you to decide.  I will work on making it as easy as I can for you to find the content that you’re interested it.  As a blanket policy though, the reason I do a blog is to get feedback. Please post your thoughts and opinions and don’t just lurk.