Punctuated Growth

I’ve been pondering the contribution of major life changes to growth. We have several opportunities for these, but not all of them happen to all of us. Snail Examples include leaving home, getting married, getting and changing jobs, having kids, moving to a new community, getting a divorce, or retirement.   Each in a way has the potential of clearing the decks and forcing you to look at life in a different way.  Of those that I’ve experienced looking forward to them has sometimes been intimidating, but I’ve been fortunate to have always experienced a dramatic (though not always uniform) improvement in my life.

One observation is that everything is changes.  Everything is temporary.  We move through life transitioning from one state to another.  Each state contributes to our lives and we should enjoy those benefits for as long as they last, but we shouldn’t glue ourselves to them.  We should acknowledge when we’ve gotten as much out of them as they are going to contribute.  Moving on, the transitions, are also an important and vital part of life and they shouldn’t be feared.  If for no other reason it’ll cause you to experience things that you couldn’t have experienced by staying put. In other words, growing. If you aren’t growing you’re dead.

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