SP14D – Day 7, The World is Big! Really Big!

The intent today, of course, was to finally make it to Moab and, of course, I haven’t made it there yet. I started the day by driving to Josie’s cabin at the end of the road that my campground is located on. There are petroglyphs along the way; a lot of them as it turns out. Josie was a homesteader who settled deep in what is now Dinosaur National Monument. She built a cabin and took care of the place from the age of 40 until she died at the age of 94. It’s a very peaceful and tranquil place and very rustic.

From there my intent was to drive to Moab. I got as far as Dinosaur (a town, actually a developed intersection) where I met Cool Judy at a the Conoco station. Cool Judy is interesting to talk to and she had a lot to say. She lived all over western Oregon before moving to Colorado. Her boys are working in the oil fields now. She said that I couldn’t leave the area without visiting Echo Park. It would only take an hour or so. Up to that point in time I had never ignored Cool Judy’s advice, so what the heck. Her time estimate with a bit off, quite a bit in fact, but it was AMAZING! The canyon goes down and down and down. Every time you turn a corner it’s a different incredible view. Thank you Cool Judy.

Here are the pics from the day.

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