SP14D – Day 4, Dark and Stormy

On Tuesday I drove from Boise to Idaho Falls. I drove east on I-84 then turned onto U.S. 20 at Mountain Home. Two lanes from there to Idaho Falls. BTW, speed limits in Idaho are 75 on the freeway and 65 on other open roads. Quite civilized given the large wide open spaces.

I ate lunch at Soldier Creek Brewing Company in Fairfield, Idaho. There is not much in this part of the world, but the people were friendly and the food was good.

Lunch at Soldier Creek Brewing Company, Fairfield, ID.

Lunch at Soldier Creek Brewing Company, Fairfield, ID.

As I drove along the weather got pretty grim and rained on and off. My goal for the day was Craters of the Moon National Monument. Craters of the Moon is the youngest volcanic region in the U.S and has some pretty interesting sights. Most of the pictures below are from there. At around 6pm it was getting very dark due to the weather so I decided to call it a day and head for Idaho Falls.

In Idaho Falls I did a survey of the hotels. Many were full, most were more than I wanted to pay for. I ended up at Le Ritz and got their spring special of $75/night. That’s pretty hard to beat. It’s quite nice. I recommend it. I ate dinner at Jaker’s just up the road. Friendly waitress. Good steakhouse food. I ordered the short ribs, way too much. I couldn’t get through half of it.

Here are today’s pics…

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