COVID-19 Forecasts and Analysis

Primarily forward looking information that helps to understand what might happened.

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Pandemic Related Forecasts

Covid Act Now

COVID-19 related near term projections based on a variety of social behaviors.

IHME COVID-19 Projections

National and state level projections of deaths and hospital resource use.

The Global Impact of COVID-19 and Strategies for Mitigation and Suppression

A rigorous analysis of various suppression strategies (including none) as it relates to national income.

Social and Economic Related Forecasts

An Overview of the Systemic Implications of the Coronavirus

A systemic analysis of our society and economy, including strengths and weaknesses, and the likely implications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Economies won’t be able to recover after shutdowns

An analysis of some of the possible effects of COVID-19 on an already weak global economy and society.

Why are Markets Collapsing? How Bad Will COVID-19 Really Be?

Scenario based COVID-19 longer term projections.

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