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The Pacific Northwest isn’t particularly prone to disasters; a few floods, forest fires, and the occasional volcano, but “The Big One” is coming! A 9+ magnitude earthquake1 that’ll likely mess things up a bit.

In preparation for this or a more personal survival event my colleague, Piet, has designed an Emergency Survival Kit for Cars. Here’s his description…

Hi all,

For Christmas this year, I gave our family a survival emergency kit for every car. Some of you asked for my list, which is attached. I’ve also provided links to the items that I purchased on Amazon.

I looked at quite a few ready-made survival kits and elected to make my own. This kit is intended to provide emergency food, shelter, and travel capability for four people for four days in the case of an earthquake or other situation. Our idea is that we are most likely to be near a car in case of an emergency (eg earthquake) and would use this to either stay put until rescued or to use if traveling by foot to get somewhere else, eg. home. Plus, with one kit in every car, we have three kits if we’re at home, providing 12 days supplies for four people plus whatever else is in the pantry.

Each survival kit packs up into one large plastic tub or can be split into two half-height tubs. We already owned the car first aid kit and car road emergency kit for each car, so I don’t have any links to good ones of those.

Please do pass along any thoughts on improvements or questions. There were lots of interesting tradeoffs I considered and am happy to discuss. For example, I decided on cheap and small iodine tablets rather than the latest (and larger) water filter technology.


Here are links to some of the items on Amazon…

Emergency kit contents list v3

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