Burns, Oregon

Burns is the first place you land if you’re heading for Steens Mountain country. It’s a small town that used to have a very large lumber mill. Good hotels and good restaurants can be found here.


Rory and Ryan Inn

Rory and Ryan Inn(s)
There are actually two Rory and Ryan Inns with an equipment rental shop in between. They apparently have the same owners but one’s a Best Western the other isn’t. I dunno. It can be confusing and chances are good you’ll pick the wrong one when you check in. Happens all the time though I guess. BTW, these hotels are actually in Hines, a suburb of Burns.


Remarkably fine dining in a remarkably unlikely location.
The Apple Peddler
Good for breakfast before heading out on the road. Next to the Best Western version of the Rory and Ryan Inns.


Ummm, can’t say I’ve done much sight seeing in Burns itself. I may be missing out. There’s a lot of good bird watching just outside of Burns though. That’ll be a separate post.


I know I have better pictures than this. I need to look around a bit more or maybe go back and take more.

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