SP14D – Day 8, Rocks and Flowers

I usually use Google maps to give me a route to my next destination, even if I don’t make it there. Google maps has an “avoid highways” option that usually works pretty well. Today it worked a bit too well. I asked for the route from Grand Junction to Moab avoiding highways. The road started out as a reasonable two lane state highway then progressively got worse. After crossing the Utah state line it turned into a combination of gravel and pavement. Eventually I was instructed to take a slight right which put me on a dirt road paralleling some railroad tracks. When I got to the two foot deep washout in the middle of the road I decided that maybe I was avoiding highways a little too much and asked for another route. The alternate route was pretty much freeway but at least I got there.

I spent the afternoon in the areas of Arches National Park closest to the entrance. This included Park Avenue, Windows, and Delicate Arch. It’s pretty crowded here. I tended to avoid the hikes that everyone else was taking. I’ll need to come back here sometime before Memorial Day weekend next time.

Here are the pictures of the day.

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