Inside Blenheim Palace

Here’s the next Blenheim Palace installment. These are pictures of the inside of the palace. It was opulent, as you might expect, but after you’ve seen a few of these places you see a fair amount of consistency. They definitely had their style for that time period. Some of the subtleties were interesting though. While there was the usual china collection, someone in the family was really into toy soldiers. This makes sense given the family history. Of course, no great house in England would be complete without a library. This one, called the long library, occupied the entire west side of the building. That works for me though some of the books were interesting; like a bound collection of Vanity Fair over several decades.

As mentioned in a previous post, the Duke and his family still live in some other portion of the building. Upstairs, I’m guessing. I’ve been working my way through a Cary Grant movie, The Grass is Greener, based on a similar theme. I say working my way through because I usually watch a bit before I get sleepy and go to bed. It’s pretty fun.

Here are the pictures…

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