Technical Log, iPad and Photos

For this trip, I brought along my iPad with an SD card adapter. Of course, I didn’t actually try it to make sure everything worked before I left. That would make too much sense.

My camera is a Nikon D7100 with two SD card slots. One slot contains a high speed 64Gb card, the other contains a 16Gb Eye-Fi card. I took the picture off of the balcony just to document our arrival and then tried to upload it to my iPad so that I could post it here. Here’s the sequence…

  • Just plugging the 64Gb card into the reader didn’t work. Apparently this card is unsupported by the iPad. It wouldn’t read it at all.
  • I swapped cards and put the picture on the Eye-Fi card, then plugged it into the iPad. It could see the files on that card, but apparently the file format was incompatible (it’s just JPEG, I don’t know what the issue is and of course it’s an Apple product so it’s not going to tell me).
  • I finally had to setup an ad hoc wi-fi network with the Eye-Fi card. This at least worked to download the pictures. I’m glad I had this as an alternative. If this hadn’t worked, I’m not sure what the next step might have been.

Things to remember for next time…

  • Try before you travel.
  • Bring my little Epson photo viewer along. I know that works and gives me nearly the flexibility of having a PC.
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