Cabo Log, Thursday


While Pacificos are a reasonable way to stay hydrated while in Mexico, yesterday we struck pay dirt.

Thursday was the “get familiar with your surroundings” day. We got a cab to downtown, ate lunch at Cabo Wabo (the lobster tacos were very good) and wandered around the marina. Cabo, at least this time of year, in contrast to Puerto Vallarta is pretty laid back. In Puerto Vallarta it seems like you can’t walk past another human being without them trying to sell you something. Here, not so much. Well not so much until you walk around the marina. Everyone has a water taxi and they all want to take you out to see the arch. This included one guy who we weren’t quite sure could stay standing long enough to get us to his boat. We graciously declined. Lots of nice boats though and the fish you can see from the water’s edge are amazing!


We caught a cab back to the hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around the pool with a bucket of Pacificos. When they started setting up for their 70’s and 80’s music show it seemed like a good time to go take a nap. Vacations are great!

We ate dinner at the Italian restaurant in the hotel. The food, particularly the pizza, was ok, but the view was awesome! It doesn’t get much more idyllic than this.


Of course, I was with two of my favorite people. So that made it even better.


After dinner we walked up the beach toward town. Warm air, the sound of the surf, the stars overhead, the sand on our feet. I recommend it.

As we got close to town we started looking for a place to sit awhile. We passed by a couple places (The Mango Deck and The Office) that were a bit too loud and obnoxious, at least for this evening, and found a quieter place with great service. I forget the name, but I’ll add it here later. It was a nice spot and Loni and Sam proclaimed it the best place yet.

While we were sitting there we kept hearing some live music from somewhere nearby and it was pretty good. I thought I could see a club next door called “Spiritual”. So after finishing up, we decided to go check it out. The place I was seeing was called “Sparitual”, clever name but it wasn’t a club. It was a closed spa and it wasn’t where the music was coming from. If only I could see.

We could still hear the music, so we continued wandering through a hotel complex and eventually figured out that the music was coming from the top of one of the buildings. At about the same time we passed a sign that said “Elevator to Baja Brewing”. That caught my attention, so we checked it out. Awesome spot! Beautiful view of the city and the bay. Real beer! Really good beer! I had a red and an oatmeal stout. At last, we’d found a break from Pacificos!

Cabo has passed the test. Yes, it is a good place. I highly recommend it.

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  1. Love all your pictures! The picture of Sam and Loni is really nice. Hope you have a relaxing time. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us.


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