Cabo Log, Friday – Happy Birthday!!!

Friday was Loni’s birthday! Yay!!!

Friday started pretty slow. Loni and Sam got up late in the morning and watched a movie while I made omelets for breakfast. The omelets looked good but were not a big hit. I think I needed some more interesting ingredients. I used avocado and manchego cheese. Oh well.

After breakfast we signed up for a few activities; golf on Saturday, fishing on Monday and the highlight of Loni’s big day a sunset Surfrider cruise that evening. We then hiked into town and went shopping. Sam was looking for a hat and flip flops and comparing tequila prices (you should definitely shop around). Loni find a nice dress that she changed into for the cruise later. Since money was no object on my daughter’s birthday, I bought her the hat you see above. We ate a late lunch at the Baja Cantina. This is the place I couldn’t remember the name of yesterday. The appetizer was an excellent catch-of-the-day ceviche followed, for me, by carne asada. It was delicious!

After lunch we went over to the dock (Main dock, gate 4) to board our cruise. We were there a bit early so they told us to go sit in the shade somewhere. Senior Frogs was handy we we got a few beers and watched the people wander by. The weather was really hot. When the line finally did form they were only letting a few people through at a time. First they had to take your picture, so they could sell it to you later, then let you on the boat, then check your ticket, then hand you a beer or margarita, then you had to find a place to sit. It was grueling, but the cruise was awesome! I’ll shut up for a bit and just share some pictures…


The marina and one of the glass bottom water taxis.


Loni, Sam and the view.


Lover’s Beach.


The famous arch.

While we were hanging out here, Sam saw a manta ray jump out of the water about six feet. We were told that it’s mating season and they attract mates by the slap they make when they land back on the water.

I just like this picture.

This is from the Pacific side. I think they call this Divorce Beach.

My camera battery went dead at this point and I didn’t have a spare with me. A little further up the coast we saw a little fish leaping out of the water followed by a big fish that was trying to catch it. Sam and Loni also saw a few more manta rays in the distance. The ocean around here is a very busy place.

The rest of the cruise was the show. All the birthday people, including Loni, and newlyweds were appropriately honored.

After the cruise we made are way to Baja Brewing to check out the view, listen to the music and finish off the day.

I’m really proud of my daughter. She’s a beautiful, intelligent and very fun young woman who’s accomplishing a lot with her life. Happy birthday, Loni. I love you very much.

Loni in her new dress. Sam in his new hat.

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  1. Sounds like you had an awesome day and Loni had a great b-day! Yea!!


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