Cabo Log – Fishing

It was a dark and stormy morning… actually it kind of was. Somehow we’d picked the worst weather of our week here to go fishing. We arrived at the docks just in time for a light rain to begin and the wind to pick up. Here’s our boat…


…no wait, here’s our boat…


They wouldn’t let us out of the harbor until about 7:30, but eventually we got underway. Here’s a video clip of the trip out. Note the waves and the splashes around the boats. We were on a 31 foot boat.

The ride out video.

Shortly after we got out to sea we briefly hooked large marlin. It jumped out of the water three or four times before the line broke. It was amazing. These fish are big and they’re fast. It’s a bad shot but this is what we saw.


We cruised around for a couple more hours, catching sight of a few more fish, before seasickness caught up with us. We then exercised the better part of valor and called it a day. We hadn’t caught anything, but it was still an interesting experience. Next time we’ll try checking the weather forecast before booking.


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