COVID-19 Data and Analysis

Primarily backwards looking data that helps to understand what has happened.

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91-DIVOC: An interactive visualization of the exponential spread of COVID-19

Visualizations of case rates.

CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019

Primarily US data and analysis on COVID-19.

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Statistics and Research

The mission of Our World in Data is to make the best research on the world’s largest problems available and understandable. While most of our work focuses on large problems that humanity has faced for a long time – such as child mortality, natural disasters, poverty and almost 100 other problems (see here) – this article focuses on a new, emerging global problem: the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus disease [COVID-19].

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

A good graphical view of the spread of COVID-19 including a really scary graph that for me is on the lower right.

Inflection Trajectory

Performance of each country with respect to flattening the curve.

Oregon Health Authority | COVID-19 Updates

Good detailed statistics on Oregon. Includes tested both positive and negative.

Social Distancing Scoreboard

Social distancing behavior based on cell phone data.

U.S. Pandemic Tracker

Cases and deaths by county and aggregate US data.

Worldometer COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Cases, deaths, and recovery data. U.S. data can be found here.

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